Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Keeping it real

The other day I decided enough is enough! This sewing space has got to be organized.
This is me- Keeping it real. Actually this is after I started organizing. It always has to get worse before it can get better, right!? It looks a lot better now but I want to wait until I have my new shelves up before the final reveal.

I pulled all my little piles and separated them into colors. I still have some bundles of certain collections or projects I have pulled them for- but I wanted the majority easy to find by color.
My cutting table sits on top of a cubby shelf. I've been eyeing these Martha Stewart bins from home Depot for a while now. I finally broke down and bought them. Each bin coordinates with the fabrics inside. I LOVE them! My daughter has already re-arranged them several times but I'll always know where each color is.

With my space finally shaping up I got to work on a project I've been needing to finish. This is my #hexesandexes "Before" quilt. I finished all these blocks and realized the quilt just wasn't big enough.

Thanks to the generosity of friends on Instagram and me putting aside the notion that "this-quilt-could-only-have-tulapink-fabric-in-it" I was able to make the rest of the blocks.
Now to tackle those 'Y' seams today!
I'm working on a pattern/tutorial that will be out soon. :o)


Andrea R said...

The colored bins for same colored fabric is BRILLIANT!

We just moved into a new place and I have a sewing room again, so I'll also be posting a before / after ay my blog quilti.com. :) Probably Friday tho.

Andrea said...

Love, love, love those hexies xx

Beth said...

Love the hexie quilt.
The colored bins....priceless. :)

Barbie Mills said...

I'm working on a major re-organization project too. It's taking much longer than I'd like, but that's partially due to the fact that I've been procrastinating.

The colored bins look like a great idea!

Cille said...

Oh my... Looks just like my sewing room did. Then I decided to move room as it seemed easier to move rather than to clean up. Great bins you've got there!

Nanna said...

I think my sewing room is way worse than yours lol! I love the bins for the fabrics!

glassbylindi.blogspot.com said...

now can you come over and do mine???

Cindy Sharp said...

Love your hexies they remind me of a sheet filled with Phillips head screws!

Well done.

brittany marie davis said...

I'm glad you are keep it real. It's nice to know that I am not alone in my mess. :) I like the way you organized it all. Those bins are a great idea.

Great quilt! I love those colors!

Yvonne said...

Those are just the cutest bins Emily!I am sure your sewing room is going to look just great!

Sarah said...

I love those coloured baskets! And how cool that they fit perfectly into the cupboard. My sewing room always gets more crowded as I pull things out to tidy it up. We build big nests around us don't we!

Stacy Lindblom said...

I soooo love that your project room looks just like mine! Now I don't feel so bad letting it get so unorganized!

Unknown said...

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