Wednesday, February 13, 2013

You've got mail!

The other day I had an idea to make a skirt. That idea turned into the idea to make 3 skirts. Which then resulted in several online shops gaining a little business from me.
A few days later they started to show up. For 3 days I got packages in the mail. Fabric mail is so much fun!

Most of my purchases were Voile. Mostly Anna Maria Horner from a few of her collections and a couple from Amy Butler, too. Of course no 1 store had all that I wanted so I needed to get a few here and a few there. Also, since most stores sell 1/2 yds as their smallest cut and I only needed 1/4 have extra for a little throw for me. :o)

I just looked through the pictures I took of the process. I'm not done yet but when I am I think I'll post how I did it.
Speaking of tutorials---
A few days ago my phone was getting sluggish so I decided to email myself the pics of my Hexes and Exes progress and delete them from my phone. I should've checked first because I just looked at the email and only 1, yes 1! actually sent. Waaaa!!!

I went through IG and stole a few of the pics back but I am so frustrated. All those "Y" seam pics gone. GONE!!!  The only saving grace is the fact that I had a few blocks leftover so I can re-do those pics. But still! Grrr!!!
In the meantime I'll enjoy this stained glass pic I took right before heading to the quilter. I love the look of the seams with the light shining from behind.


Lynette said...

That is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. And oh, I HATE losing pictures! There's one in particular that I took in July of my family rock climbing that I LOVED. It was incredible and no way to redo it. I was transferring that day's photos to the memory card in the phone when somebody texted me and everything in that file got destroyed. Boo!!!

Yvonne said...

It really looks like stained glass. Beautiful. Sorry about your pics.

Melissa Corry said...

I am sorry about your pictures. That stinks. The quilt does look absolutely stunning!!

Unknown said...

Love the material and tithe Henie quilt.