Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pretty in Purple

You've probably heard by now that Pantone has announced RADIANT ORCHID as the color of the year for 2014.

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 There's already been comments on social media by people in this industry saying they're not a fan of this choice. Most wishing we could go back to 2012 when Tangerine Tango was the pick. I have to say, I like me some orange but I'm not unhappy with this new choice. In fact, I'm quite excited.

 I've been playing the last few weeks with Tamara Kate's new collection Helen's Garden for Michael Miller fabrics and I LOVE the purples in this collection, especially the lighter orchid color. It's such a gorgeous color and her prints are whimsical yet sophisticated, a perfect combination. And who can resist that geometric print!?

 Another reason why I'm on board with this new color has to do with my own love for the shade. In fact, you might be seeing some orchid from me in the not so distant future *hint, hint*. Sorry I can't show any sneak peeks yet but I promise, you won't be disappointed. ;o)

 I am curious though, what this means in the quilting industry. We already know that fashion and home decor trends translate in their own way to quilting. We see these trends in color and design (chevron anyone?). Will this continue to follow suit for Radiant Orchid? Purple hues have long been the "Loc Ness Monster" of quilting. Quilters beg to see them, but no one wants to take them home. Shop owners complain that they just don't sell and it's apparent in some collections. As a whole the collection is fabulous but often times its the shades of purples that are left on the quilt shop shelves long after the other bolts are gone. It seems quilters reserve this hue for Halloween only and generally leave it out of every day design. 

I have to say my stash has evolved quite a bit. There was a day when my purple pile left little to be desired, but in the last two years it's been growing constantly. I've developed a love for this shade ever since I designed made Sew Solid version of my Best Friends pattern. Now I gather up pretty purples whenever I can find them.

Just look at all those gorgeous colors playing together so nicely. If you're still in doubt, pair orchid with mint and let the dazzling begin.

Maybe Radiant Orchid will pave the way for all shades of purple fabric and we'll see a comeback. Here's to hoping that Pantone's new pick will result in more orphaned fabrics finding a new home in quilting throughout the new year and year's to follow.

 So what are your thoughts on Radiant Orchid? Are you pleased with this choice? And what does it mean to you in quilting? Will you be adding a little more purple to your stash this year? I can't wait to hear your thoughts!



Jen said...

I'm excited. I LOVE purple. I think the problem is that there are so many different shades of purple out there that it's hard to find the right one. I was working on a quilt a couple of years ago and had the hardest time finding the right purple print. I ended up going with a solid instead. I must be the minority because orange is my least favorite color and I was glad to see tangerine move on.

Cindy Sharp said...

The ladies in my local guild can't get enough purple. Granted, they tend toward the royal variety, but I think they would like this too. I think they will be more excited about this than the tangerine.

ChristaQuilts said...

I think the radiant orchid is a nice shade of purple that will play well with other colors - such as tangerine and aqua!

Gill said...

I love purple too - in fact I've just bought a jumper that shade!!

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

I'm thrilled about the color choice. I've made two all purple quilts already and always seem to have some shade of it in my quilts! I"m excited to see what you have coming in the color. yay!

smileynann said...

Yep, I guess I have to be the odd man out here. I have to say, I think purple is such a polarizing color. It seems to me that either you love it and want everything in your house purple, or you don't like it at all. I'm in the don't-like-it-at-all club. I don't mid when others like it, but for me, thanks but no thanks.

Lynette said...

Lovely color! And a refreshing shift for the industry. :) Can't wait to see what you've got coming out.q

Carli The Quilter said...

The color Orchid is really purpleish to me and I'm thinking of using it next year in my Crazy Quilt Along 2014. If you want to follow or join us go to
Good Earth Quilting-Crazy Quilt Along 2014.

carli the quilter at gmail dot com

FlourishingPalms said...

Actually, I've "been there; done that." Went through a purple/orchid phase a number of quilting years ago. I have a little of those fabrics left, but won't be doing anything with them in the coming year. If anything, I'll pull out and finish an orchid/purple/green UFO... and then call myself "trendy!"