Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Seriously! What is wrong with me?  I just can't seem to get on this blog and post regularly. I always promise to try and do better but usually fall short. So I won't promise....but I am going to try. :o)

But let's get to more important things!

I released 10 new patterns at market last month and I've been dying to show you. I like to wait until all my orders have been sent to shops that order at market and since I sent that last ones off last week, well, here we are! 

Natalie Smith has been at it again with her fun designs. Even after a bout of pneumonia this girl still managed to get two new patterns ready for market. 

GREEK KEY is a super fun pattern ready to customize with a personalized monogram.

and Flower Tile with it's perfect petals!

Of course I've been mighty busy the last few months designing, writing and making 8 new patterns!

Charm Plus is a quick and easy design using charm squares (5" squares) and 2 1/2" strips.

Urban Trellis goes together so quickly with a fun and simple trick

Scottsdale plays off of the current trend of southwestern style design. Fun, colorful fabrics makes this pattern come alive.

I saw a Navajo Rug that I fell in love with and my variation on the design became Florista. 
Instructions are written for 5 sizes.

Jackson Hole is my variation on the medallion quilt trend and just might be my favorite of the bunch.

Another rug inspired quilt, Tuacahn (Two-a-con) is not as scary as it seems. 
(You know me! I wouldn't do it if it was scary)
Instructions were written for 5 sizes.

Ok, maybe I do scary things once in a while. But if I can do it, you can do it!
Don't be afraid of Promise Ring- a close contender for my favorite.  
Instructions were written for 5 sizes.

Big Game is the poster child for my new collection RUSTIQUE. After all, it is the #yearofthedeer.
Instructions were written for 5 sizes.

Since new orders have shipped I've just listed all of the new patterns in my Etsy shop. 
Each pattern is available in PDF (instant download) or paper pattern
[Except Big Game- I'm still formatting the template for easy home printing]

To celebrate the release of the new patterns I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all paper patterns!
Use code NOSHIP at checkout.
Coupon expires Friday 6/13



Yvonne said...

You have been pretty busy girl! So many cute patterns, well done! Thanks for showing.

Irelle said...

I just ordered two of the new patterns. Thanks. The Urban Trellis pattern has both versions labeled as paper - FYI. I opened the first one which was the pdf version and ordered it :)

Tiffany said...

These are Awesome! Jackson Hole is my favorite.

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

I've been obsessed with your fabric designs for a long time... and now I'm obsessed with your pattern designs! Charm Plus has my name written aaaalll over it! :) (And Urban Trellis is gorgeous as well!)

Herzblut said...

94 fat quarters, give or take.....best wishes from Scotland

Unknown said...

How do I get these patterns??