Friday, August 12, 2011

Double Take

Maureen from Woodland Quilting Co. in Alberta Canada sent me this pic of a store sample they just made. I'm still trying to figure out how to convince her to send it to me. I love this!  I've seen Jovial before annd I liked it. But I have to admit I wasn't "in love" with it. But when I saw this picture I immediately started searching the web for a couple of layer cakes. It's GORGEOUS! The funny thing is- even though it's a Christmas line I am really drawn to the blue. LOVE the blue!

Thanks for sharing!


Heather said...

I love it too! I know what you mean about being drawn to the blue in Christmas lines, I am too :) It makes it so pretty I think.

rubyslipperz1052 said...

I REALLY like this quilt too...and it's the blue that makes it rise above the "same ol'/same ol'".

thank YOU for sharing!


busyascanbe said...

What a fun quilt! I want to do one with circles but am to chicken.