Monday, August 22, 2011

Too cool for...

Last night they could hardly sleep. They kept saying "Mom, it's almost like Christmas!" And they were awake by quarter to 7 this morning. WOW!!  Too bad this is only going to last about a week. I'm going to be dragging them out of bed with little time to get ready in no time.

But they were right about the Christmas thing- I haven't been shy about the fact that I've been counting down the days until they went back to school. Mostly because of this girl:

 She just started First grade! (that means all-day school!)  And while I LOVE her, I also love my sanity.
She was SO excited to have her own desk in first grade. (In kindergarten they sat at tables)   :o)

 Then there's this guy- Mr. Fourth grader! He was super excited about his back-to-school clothes more than anything else. (Skinny jeans!?) Just before he left I remembered to give him a pep-talk about being the "Big Brother" at school this year and to take care of his sister since the other big brother wasn't going to be at that school anymore.

That's this guy. He's starting Sixth grade. He's still in grade school where we live, but he started today at a brand new school. We decided to try the local charter school and we are super excited about it. (He was already in the garage at this point and way too cool to have his picture taken.)

I'm so proud of these GIANT kids! They sure are growing up fast. Time just keeps slipping by.
Speaking of time, they'll be home in a few minutes! Ah!



Michele said...

Best wishes for a fun new school year. I know your kiddies will soak in that knowledge!

Kathy said...

Great looking kids there.

Donna said...

Your children are lovely. Hope they enjoyed their day at school.

ZanBryDesigns said...

So how was everyone's first day? My kids started school on August 3rd this year and we have several breaks through the year and we get out the 25th of May. My kids are there from 8-2:30 and I love it! Even though I am in school too but I only go on Tuesday's and Thursday's. I hope that you were able to have a peaceful day!

Phebe and Jane said...

I hope they have a nice new school year. The older they get, the less excited they are to return to school is my experience. Lovely pictures of your children!

Kritta22 said...

So fun seeing e eryone's chicks go to school!!!

Yvonne said...

You have really cute kids. The vacation is very long in your country isn't it? Here the kids have 6 weeks in summer. (better for Mom)

April M. said...

Wow, a 6th're getting old! ;)