Sunday, May 6, 2012

What day is it?

My head is spinning with all that's going on. Fabric. Books. Kids. Oh My!

Just wanted to remind you of the 30 blogs 30 days 30 books tour for Geared for Guys. There have been some amazing posts so far (THANKS GUYS!) Including todays over at Jaybird quilts. That girl is a fast quilter! If you want to see some fun sneak peeks at the book you should hop on the tour now. Plus, there's tons of chances to enter to win a copy of the book! Many of the bloggers posting about the book are excited that G4G is available as an eBook. I'm not very techy but this is a mustin today's fast moving world. But don't forget, it's also available in hold-it-in-your-hands paper too. So climb aboard and head over to Julie's to see what funs she's stitched up and see who's posting tomorrow. :o)

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Melissa Corry said...

It's almost Market. Your almost there :) Can't wait to see your new designs with your fabulous new line :)