Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Color me happy

Where do you find your quilty inspiration?  I love searching the web for color inspiration to put into my quilts. Today I searched 'Fall color combinations'. Two sites came up that sparked my interest and I just had to share what I've found.  :o)
A year or two ago 'Turquoise' was named the Pantone color of the year. Well it's still a favorite of mine. What do you think?
 I love the neutral palette in this room accented with a pop or turquoise. It reminds me of
 This one has more contrast and pop!  I'm loving the Fuschia and Mermaid colors together
balanced with a creamy white. Yum!
 This one is a bit softer but still gorgeous. Move over red, this aqua is paired with a buttery tan (yellow!?) There's a new collection out that showcases this combinations perfectly. Unfortunately I can't remember who makes it and my searches aren't finding anything. :(

 Let's take the pop from one of the earlier pictures and soften it a bit. It's so gorgeous and adds a bit of sophistication. Maybe a bit of Peony and Luna. Perfect!
As of late I have found myself attracted to the bright brights and high contrast. I am loving the little clip in the middle with the bright yellow that sets everything off. Yes, I think this combo will find it's way into a quilt in my future.
Want to see even more quilty inspiration?
Check out the Geared for Guys REMIX tour. Yesterday Erika shared her quilt and it fits perfectly into this palette too!


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Turquoise is my color, and right now I can't even count how many of my quilts have that color in it. Need to find another color before I get burnt out. Love every picture you shared, thanks!

Cindy Sharp said...

I love it paired with white and rusty oranges.

Unknown said...

Still my favourite, along with pistachio and grey, I can't seem to look at anything else

Lisa in Port Hope said...

Are you thinking of Lilly Belle?

Kathy said...

I am also loving Turquoise. I like it paired with pink and red...

Unknown said...

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