Friday, September 28, 2012

"Sping" Cleaning

I think I need to take a moment today and straighten up my sewing room. This is what my ironing board looks like right now:
Obviously not a lot going on there as far as quilting is concerned.

And my table isn't much better. Although it is full of patterns and orders being filled so it's not like I'm sitting around doing nothing.  :o)
I'm headed over to Dave's Bernina this afternoon to do a trunk show. I'm thinking I might make it a little fun and do a few giveaways.
Speaking of giveaways- it's time to pick a winner for the 'Springtime in the Rockies' book tour.
I loved reading all of your springtime traditions. So many of you talk about planting flowers. Maybe I can recruit a few to come plant some at my house- so not my thing.  :o)
I had the hus scroll through and stop on a random comment. He picked
Thanks for all that played along- I'm going to get cleaning but I'll see you again soon!


trump said...

Fall greetings to everyone and hello from an Amish community in Pennsylvania. Richard from Amish Stories.

trish said...

Your room is refreshing to see. There are times I need to just get back in there and put things in their place. But if I have a few projects going at once, I can't help but leave everything out to see. I hope you had a great time at Dave's Bernina! :o)
Trish xo