Friday, September 21, 2012

The heat is on!

 It's that time of year when the crunch time of market hits. I'm about a month ahead of schedule right now but I'm still feeling a panic. Why?  Because aside from the normal market stress I have several classes between now and then including SEWING SUMMIT!  I am super excited but worried I won't get everything done that I need to.

Here's a little peel at what I've been up to:


Flower Power!!!
This is a little peek at a project that has been on the table for over 7 years. Yes you read that right!  I am so excited to finally get to share it with all of you. Stay tuned :o)

A new pattern for market- #hashtag
I am LOVING this quilt. It's going to get minky on the back and quilted just for me.
Well, after market and trunk shows of course.  :o)
So....whatcha workin' on!?


Cindy Sharp said...

A pezzy quilt with lots of colors...and keeping my dogs from eating the new kittens.

Shannon said...

I have seen all of these quilts, they are all so darn cute. Can't wait to get started binding #3. Great job, girlfriend.

Shannon said...

P.S., the cupcake was delecious. Thanks for your thoughtfulness. Love ya.

Kira said...

Your quilting is fabulous.

QuiltNut Creations said...

I love your hashtag quilt; what a great name!

Unknown said...

I think that your hastag quilt will be a winner. It is great to have gotten to know you and be able to follow your blog.


Beth said...

Well the sneak peeks look very interesting.....but that hashtag!!! Wow. I wanna make that. Great job.