Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

I arrived home late yesterday afternoon from quilt market (post to come soon) only to find that my grade school children still did not have Halloween costumes. I quick brainstorming session and trips to Partyland and Walmart and we were ready to go.

This guy kept telling me he wanted to be the "Shoulder Devil". I had no idea what that was so week looked it up on YouTube. HILARIOUS! He's from a show called Studio C on BYUtv (in Utah). If you're not local, you can find their videos on YouTube. His costume turned out great!

This girl wanted to be Taylor Swift of course. We bought a cheap wig that looked horrible so she went with her natural, yet straightened brown locks. I autographed her guitar with Taylor's name and put some eye make-up on her. It's driving me nuts how grown up she looks!

Here's the two together right before school. I sure hope that shoulder devil isn't telling Taylor to be naughty. :o)

While in Texas for quilt market we visited the little town of Old Spring. There's some fun shops and an amazing quilt shop there. I took a couple pics of some of the older, run down, vacant buildings. I thought I'd share them for Halloween.

This one looked so creepy. I'm certain a scary old man from a horror movie lives in there.

And this one is totally a haunted mansion. Ghosts roaming every floor I'm sure.



Yvonne said...

Happy Halloween Emily, your kids look great in their costumes. You did a great job!

Beth said...

Great costumes, especially with Halloween one day away. They look great.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Great job! You tube has wonderful ideas