Monday, October 14, 2013

#Tula100 QAL- progress

For those of you following along the #Tula100 is coming right along. This week we're working on blocks 61, 62, and 63. You can see these blocks over at Sew Sweetness

It's been a little while since I blogged my progress so I thought I would show you all where I'm at.

A few weeks ago I showed blocks 1-51, minus block 36 since I hadn't found the right fabric for that one yet.

Well a couple of weekends ago when I was up at The Quilt Barn  I finished up quite a few more. 
These are blocks 52-75, including block 36!

All these blocks look pretty good on their own but smooshed together with no rhyme or reason except numerically in order their a little much for the eyes. Especially in my color palette.

To get the real effect I decided to lay them all out on my design wall similar to how my finished quilt is going to look.

It makes me a bit giddy to tell you the truth. I LOVE the way it's coming along! My original sketch has them turned so that each color row shoots up vertically like Tula's Skyline layout. My design wall isn't wide enough so I put them up horizontally. I might be on to something here- I kinda like it sideways. I'll have to see when it's finished which way I prefer.

Anyway, what do you think!? Hope you're having fun sewing away.



Beth said...

I think you blocks look beautiful. And I love them sideways, or course I am sure I would love them in Tula's layout too. I don't have this week's blocks done yet, but otherwise I am caught up. Love these blocks.

Yvonne said...

I love the colors of your blocks Em. I should sew them color nu color like in the last picture. Happy sewing and see you next week!

Maggie said...

Looks so great!

Sharon said...

Yes, what a difference it makes to lay them out by color! They are beautiful.

sarah in brooklyn said...

These are gorgeous, and I'm thinking of getting the book and starting myself. It would be like a quilting class to do all those different techniques. Did those of you making these just use scraps or did you buy a bunch of fabric at the start to use for the whole thing?

sarah in brooklyn said...

And if you did buy fabric (like I saw in the original post) how much?? Half yard bundle? FQ bundle?