Wednesday, October 9, 2013

So Charming

I spent last weekend up in Kimberly, Idaho sewing at The Quilt Barn. They have the cutest retreat space and I managed to not take one single picture! But you can visit their blog and learn more about it because it was AWESOME!!!  We sewed and sewed and sewed and I managed to finish a little quilt top. 

Some time ago I bought a Heather Ross charm pack from a friend on Instagram. They were remnant packs she'd put together of several cute prints. I knew I didn't want to cut them up so i sorted through my stash and found a few prints to play nicely with them. Then I sewed them all together. I love the character of some of the individual prints. 

These little alien guys are so cute. Love them!

And who can resist the VW bus print? 

I really like the seagull print too. I'd never seen that one before. 

72 charms doesn't make a very big quilt so I hopped over to the shop to find a border. I found this cute strawberry print that looked nice with the rest so I bought it. It didn't even occur to me until I started putting it on that it is Heather Ross, too! Duh! No wonder it looked so good with the rest of her prints. :o)

I think I'll quilt it up and save it for a baby gift down the road.



MyCretanlife said...

your quilt looks good to me. Like the novelty ones too.

Maggie said...

Love love love the Heather Ross! I usually can't bring myself to use my hoarded stash of her fabric!

Yvonne said...

Cute babyquilt Emily. Sure will make a nice baby gift!

Angie said...

That is just adorable :)