Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday!!

Remember when I tried to do 'Show and Tell Tuesday'? Yeah, thanks for that! ;o) Well I've been thinking that I want to start a new weekly (or bi-weekly) special post. I can't take credit for this idea- I've seen it a few places before. But it's a good one so I'm going to use it.


On 'Wonderful Wednesday' I will be featuring one of my patterns and tell a little about the inspiration,design process, etc. In addition I will feature that pattern in my ETSY shop for only $5! That's right folks, 5 bucks! It'll stay on sale in my Etsy shop until I remember to change it back. I figure that's a safe way to say it since I'm sure I'll forget....ALL THE TIME! Anyway, I'm thinking I'll be leaving it through Friday- just so everyone gets a chance. You know, all them folks in Australia and Japan. :o)

So, what do you think?

How about we start...RIGHT NOW!!

Today's feature is TIGER LILY
I picked this pattern for my first feature because FANDANGO has just hit the stores. I've mentioned before that I met Kate Spain in MN at Market and she is so cute!! Don't tell anyone but I think she's my favorite designer right now. This line really grew on me as I was working with it.

"Sometimes I have an idea for a quilt and as it's coming together I'm just not feeling it. The 'original' quilt that I came up with was just that way. It went through many evolutions that were just "ok" before I finally had that "ah ha!' moment and was inspired to make the finished project"

I LOVE this pattern. I think it's a PERFECT fit for the feel of this line. I've already seen FANDANGO in several local shops. You better hurry out and get yours- oh, and don't forget to head over to my Etsy shop and pick up your pattern for $5 for a limited time!


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