Monday, September 20, 2010


I just got up this morning and was checking a few of my favorite blogs when I came across this:

Tula Pink

No really, take a moment to check it out. I'll wait.

Now for MY rant:

I haven't been a fan of 'that store' for much smaller reasons than that. However, there aren't many other stores to choose from in my neck of the woods so I almost always end up there anyway. I might have to start driving an extra 20min. just to avoid it now.

Now, a simple note to all who buy FABRIC at Wal-mart:

I am not just saying this because of the Tula-Scandal. Ever since I became serious quilter I have only used quality quilting fabric. Usually with a certain company name printed on the selvage, but there are several other companies that produce good quilting fabric too. My reasoning for doing so is simple. If I'm going to take the time and effort to make a beautiful quilt, then I want it to last long enough for my grand-children to enjoy it. These cheap fabrics are NOT going to hold up. Now I understand that money is tight and sometimes we want to cut corners. And I say- do so at your own risk. If you 'invest' in quality quilting fabric your quilts will look so much nicer and they will last years longer.
It's just fact people.

And now I'm done.


onlymehere said...

I learned long ago to spend a little more on fabric so it would last. I had made a baby blanket for my youngest. The top was a cheap fabric but oh soooo cute. The bottom was a quality fabric. The top totally wore off and shredded within a couple of years but the bottom was still going strong. She loves the blanket and actually still has it (she's 17!) in her treasure bucket. I learned with that and started only buying quality fabric. I have a picnic quilt made 28-1/2 years ago that has been at every family event, camping trip, fireworks, picnic, you name it and is still going strong! It's a little frayed on the binding but is still holding up. Hmmmm, you may have given me an idea for a post.

Katrina said...

I dont understand, so other than the tula issue, we should not buy fabric from walmart because it is cheap? I know they sell some sub standard fabrics but not everyone can afford high quality fabrics. All of my high school formals and dresses were made with walmart fabric since it was the only store within three hours driving distance that was in the budget.
The majorirty of the tula proble, lies with the manufacturer thst knocked the prints off. Likely this was bought by a buyer not familiar with designer cotton. Like she said, now its up to the legal end to sort it out. As consumers we should not buy or support knock off products. I think that is the best way to look at it. But i guess i just would not go as far as saying just dont buy walmart fabrics.

Tiffany said...

How do you feel about Jo-Ann's calico line? I know they have some other cheap quilting fabric which I avoid or just use for practice projects, but what about their calico wall? Does not seem to be as nice as Moda but does not feel or look cheap like Wal-mart brand. I recently bought a lot of their fat quarters which is why I was wondering your take on that...

Emily Herrick said...

RE: Katrina
You're right- there are two separate issues. The only reason I lumped them together is to say that if you like those prints, spend the money on the quality ones so you're product will last longer. I completely understand that cost is a factor for many people, but like I said, if you want a product that will last you're going to have to pay for it. The same can be said for most things in this world. ON that note, I don't doubt for one moment that your formals were beautiful. However, they're usually worn once (or very seldom) and not laundered in a regular washer. Quilts are used and tossed in the wash often and thus result in a quicker breakdown. It really doesn't matter to me what kind of fabric people use for their quilts. I just take so much pride in my quilts and the time and effort it takes to make them. And many quilters tell me they feel the same. thus I feel it appropriate to share my feelings on the issue. Honestly, I never cared and thought there was a difference and I even worked in a JoAnn's store at one time. But placing the fabrics side-by-side you can definately tell a difference. I certainly didn't mean to offend.

Regina said...

I agree. I only use the best fabrics. Once you use the good stuff there is no going back. Who wants to deal with fabric that stretches, frays, fades, etc.?!

I do own a few low quality ones but only when the kids BEG me for them and I make quick little projects for them. I'd NEVER use them for anything that I wanted to actually last and I generally dread using them even for those quick projects.

I feel the same way about thread. I refuse to use cheap threads.


I agree---I only buy fabric shop fabrics now 99% of the time---I did just get some Joann's fabrics for a couple small fall projects--but they are not for quilts!!! You can feel and see the difference if you have quilted much!!! And there are companies online who have lots of sales on the fabric shop fabrics--so you can get them very reasonable--just have to look and watch for them!!!
My local quilt shop just got a bunch of fabric bolts in for $5-$8 a yard--saying they are the same as the regular lines---I do not agree--I can feel the difference!!!
well--that's my 2 cents on the subject--and I also agree about the thread!!!
Hugs, Di

Yvonne said...

What were they thinking to copy fabric like that?! Unbelievable! This way they are getting a bad name and I think the people who are trying to make a living by working there don't deserve that!