Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday's 'Wonderful Wednesday'

Usually I don't list a pattern on Etsy until shops have had a chance to carry it for a couple of months. However, this pattern is going to be 'out-of-date' soon and due to unforseen circumstances it hasn't been ready to go until NOW!!

So for your buying pleasure, I present: CREEPY COUNTDOWN

If you remember, I held a contest a couple of months ago about this quilt. I LOVE the name. However, I recieved several comments that it wasn't "creepy" enough. So, I added a spider applique to it. And YOU can add as many or as few spiders as you wish to your countdown quilt.
I have a friend who is deathly afraid of spiders- SERIOUSLY. I didn't even show her this quilt because I thought she might punch me :o)
The story on why this pattern took so long to get published is lengthy and un-interesting. So I'll spare you the details and cut right to the chase- you can get it NOW on my ETSY shop for $5. But, as always, it's only for a limited time. The cool thing is, you can order it, recieve it, and still have time to make it for Halloween THIS YEAR!
Thanks for being patient with me- I'm designing a whole load of patterns that have to be done in less than a month! More on that ....later.


~Niki~ said...

i have a new linky blog if you want to showcase this ;)
niki ;)

Yvonne said...

I remember the contest of the names and I like the name "Creepy Countdown" ! You can make it is creepy as you wish! Who won? I think I missed it! I have to search your blog.

Pokey said...

Creepy Countdown is too creepy cute! What a fun one this is! You turn out the neatest patterns :-}pokey