Tuesday, November 16, 2010


When I first caught a glimpse of "Sunkissed" on the Sweetwater blog I knew I had to have it! In fact, I was going a little crazy and didn't even get the name of the line when I first tried tracking it down. (Kinda makes it difficult!) At Sample Spree it was flying off the tables like CRAZY. (You have to be careful with Sample Spree- lots of elbows. For the most part people are nice- we just all get a little crazy when it comes to fabric!) Here's a peek at their booth in Houston- BEAUTIFUL! Everytime I see what they come up with I start trying to figure out which room in my house I can make over to have the same look and feel as their booth. :o)
So I wanted to do a posey with this quilt but I wanted it to be a little different. I used the 'idea' of a snowball block but added a few elements from my Maison Bleue pattern. I used a layer cake (I just love 'em!) but you can use whatever you want. The blocks go together quickly and are much easier to piece than you'd think by just looking at it. And for those of you addicted to hand needle-work, I think embroidered vines and flowers throughout the sashing would look STUNNING! Anyone up for that challenge!? :O)

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lisa said...

I am not currently up for the challange (um..,e...I dont know any of those cool stitches or how people can make it look like the thread is drawing a line I CAN do counted cross stitch though!) but I LOVE the pattern and the colors, I can almost picture it in primarys too...like the vibrant ones, or the muted...oh I see it so many ways, mom would love it in purples!!