Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bee for Me!

The quilting Bee that I belong to met last Wednesday. I usually don't call it a "Bee"- I usually just call it our "Quilt Group". But with all the "Bee" talk lately I decided to start calling it my "Bee".  :o)

I had fair warning that it was my turn to do a project. I even had an extra month as last months mtg. needed to be rescheduled. But as the day approached I was still trying to decide on a project. I was very excited about one idea until I shared it with the Bee Keeper :o)  and she told me that they'd already done that kind of block. (I like to keep it interesting and not repeat- but where was I when they did it the first time!?) So I had to think of something else. Hmmm.....

Then my husband decided to infect me with some nasty cold/flu/death sentence that he picked up somewhere. Ugh! I was going to call in sick to the Bee but by the time the day was over I knew I needed a break from the kids. So I did a quick search. Found a block. Grabbed a stack of fabric and started cutting pieces for the worker Bees. And ran out the door- stuffy nose and all!

We just walked in from our weekend away and I already had a block (delivered in my absence) waiting for me!

It's a flying geese block....obviously! ( Sorry, sometimes I get in the habit of stating the obvious.) I'm not even sure who it is from at this point- but I have a good guess. All I know is I LOVE IT! I'm using a ton of leftover scraps of a few Fig Tree lines and white background. It's going to be DARLING! (Because anything made with Fig Tree is "darling")

The best part about getting this block already- I learned that in my sickness induced fog I didn't give each worker bee enough fabric for the number of blocks I asked them to make (2!) HA!  Luckily they all know me and probably laughed it off as another brainless move made by me. I guess I'm going to have to make a lot more blocks if I want to have a finished top.  :o)


Kira said...

I think I need a bee. I know a few ladies who participate.

Lynette said...

OH, don't you just *hate* summer colds? They're the worst. Very pretty flying geese block.

Amber said...

Great job on the geese! I love the color against the white. Can't wait to see the finished product. You rock!