Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dresden Mini Quilt

 I couldn't wait. I started last night and just finished the last stitch. I LOVE it!  I raided my scraps to come up with the pieces. Everything I used was leftovers from previous projects. I love when I can do that. The finished quilt is around 24" I think. (I didn't officially measure it, but when I squared it up before binding it that's close to where it was.)

I used the template from Sew Mama Sew and just left the petals flat on the ends instead of folding them as the tutorial shows. I liked the border effect of Lily's Quilts tutorial so I added one of my own. Althought I initially wanted flat petals, I think this would've been much cuter with pointed ones. I added the ric rac for a little extra something.

Because I wasn't feeling patient and just wanted to finish I fused the center on and blanket stitched around the edge. I did something else fun too, that's hard to capture I quilted around the flower center and the petals and then cut away the excess high loft batt. I wanted a more dimensional effect. The center is very puffy. It is really cool when you look at it. The petals are slightly pouffy but since I quilted in them it's harder to see.

I quilted each petal like a petal.  :o)  I love the result. I quilted a tiny stipple inside the main background and echo lines around the outer white border. I tried to capture it in a picture but since it's dusk now I can't really get a good one.

Thanks for all you thoughts and comments on making this block/quilt. If you've yet to make one- GO FOR IT!  It wasn't hard and actually went together super fast.

I love the finished product. My daughter loves it even more I think. She's already told me more than a few times how cute it would look hanging in her room.  :o)


Donna said...

I am in agreement with your daughter. This beauty would look really cute in her room! Happy quilting!

Amalie said...

wow!!! i am in love with this. Your daughter has great taste for colors in her room :) Thanks for the links.

Material Girls said...

I love Dresden Plates! Someday I need to do something with all the ones I have made.

Kira said...

That is cute. Great colors. Your daughter's right. It would be great for her room...or your table...or a huge floor pillow for reading...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely adore the colors.

Xoxo Kim