Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quilter's Home

Remember back in May when I went to Market and life got...CRAZY!?  I had a brief introduction and chat with so many people it was hard to keep track. So I had almost forgotten about this until I got the mag. in the mail a couple weeks ago. And then, well, I forgot to tell you!

The latest (and I think last!?) issue of Quilter's Home featured GOING COASTAL in their design board segment. And let me just say that I LOVE their ideas!

I think I've only mentioned a time or two how much I think Going Coastal and the Nantucket-esque design style fit hand in hand. So I was delightfully surprised to see how the editor's of Quilter's Home thought out of the box and right into an awesome new box with their ideas. The modern lines of the furniture and contemporary yet retro feel of the lighting and side table give a completely new take on how to use Going Coastal in decor. I have to keep telling myself that I can't possibly re-decorate my house every time I design a fabric line or I might drive myself and my family absolutely crazy. But I am having a hard time keeping myself from jumping in the car and heading to the nearest IKEA to re-vamp my living room. It's not even the style that I usually go for and I think that's why I like it so much! It's new, fresh, and ...OMG I just Love it!

Thank you, Thank You Quilter's Home for opening my eyes (and hopefully many others') to yet another wonderful way to use Going Coastal!

(By the way, there are TONS of other cool things in this mag so you should run out and snag yours before you can't find it at all!)


Sherri said...

Congrats! I bought this magazine the other day and love their "Going Coastal" layout! Any word on when it will be available in stores?

Megan R. said...

That's so cool. i love your line of fabric. I can't wait for more of yours. Your amazing!

Yvonne said...

That looks amazing! Your fabric really match with the Swedish Ikea style!

Sachiko said...

I went to Corn Wagon last week(it's been a long time...)I love all the new quilts hanging there!

Your "Going Coastal" is so awesome. Such a fun and liberating design.