Saturday, July 23, 2011


Just a formal notice to say:

I don't have any insider info. on when GOING COASTAL will hit the shops. As a designer I get to wait along with all of you. My local shop has ordered it and I am anxiously awaiting it's arrival along with everyone else. IF I happen to find out anything I will be sure to post. Thanks for being patient. I promise, it will be here soon.  :o)

Also, thanks for all the lovely comments on my post yesterday. I am not bitter, just disappointed. But it is nice to know that I'm not the only one who feels that way. *HUGS* to you all!  :o)


Yvonne said...

I am sorry about what happened to you. It must be a bad, bad feeling of unbelieve and dissapointment.

LuLu said...

Hi Emily, I've been checking your blog religiously waiting for the announcement of fabric available. I just can't wait :-)
And I'm so sorry that someone stole from you. It makes you feel so terrible that someone would actually do that. And poor Crazy Mom. She doesn't deserve one spec of criticism! I read her post too the other day. i felt so bad!

Shanley said...

Thanks for letting us know. I'm apparently supposed to be working on my patience right now.

Anne said...

I guess I'm the eternal optimist. Earlier this year I was vending some of my jewelry and other stuff I make. A lady came up to me and held her arm out and asked me if I made either bracelet she had on. I had not, I asked why the question. She said that she'd tried them on and then a friend came up and she forgot to pay for them and just walked off with them on her arm talking to her friend. She was trying to find out what booth they had come from so she could pay for them!
Anyhow, maybe someone had it in their hands and they got distracted and walked away with it not on purpose. ???? Again, the eternal optimist here. :)