Monday, October 10, 2011

Best. Weekend. Ever.

First, let me just start by saying that The SEWING SUMMIT was awesome! You (yes, YOU!) have to go next year. Really. I'll be looking for you. We (Terry and I) had so much FUN and met so many awesome people!

 Shannon and AnnMarie were the first gals we met when we got there. They were chillin' in the Lobby waiting for the whole shin-dig to start and were nice enough to point the way towards registration. I'm sure they're not regretting that since we kinda' attached ourselves to them the whole weekend. We just couldn't help ourselves- they're THAT cool!  Oh, and they're from Utah too!

 This lovely lady is Pam of French Knots. She was so nice and friendly. Saturday night we all stayed late to sew and then stayed later to chat the night away. I'm looking forward to hanging with this chic again soon!

 This was the closest to 'lunch' with these gals that we could get. Amy (on the left) from Diary of a Quilter (NOT diarrhea quilter) and Vanessa (on the right) from V and Co. both taught classes at Summit. I didn't take Amy's (quilting 101) but I didn take Vanessa's. It was SO GOOD. She taught us about setting up a shot and lighting and bunches of other things. She told us how to NOT get yellow-tinted pictures when we photo projects but told me it was "ok to flash your friends"!  :o)

 And here I am sewing the night away....

It seemed like Terry and I were the only ones that brought our OWN machines, everyonle else used ones provided.

 Hello Lola and Busty Larue, whatcha workin' on!?  They were sewing in their PJ's smart girls!

 Melissa Esplin from ISLY. This chick is HILARIOUS!  She taught me all about "royalty". Sorry, can't share that story.  :o)  This picture cracks me up because it looks like she's sitting on my lap. She could, because she's tiny. But she isn't. I kept it because it makes me laugh and reminds me of our silly meeting.

 This is Jess from Urban Patchwork. She taugh the Improv. Pieceing class and now I have a quilting crush on her. Don't worry, I made it embarassingly evident! (I really am a dork!)  She was so kind though and didn't even call the police when I asked to have my picture taken with her.  :o)  ...more to come from her class later.
 It was so fun to see this familiar face at Summit. Lou who blogs at For The Love used to live in my neighborhood. I've mentioned her on my blog before because she makes super cute quilts. We did some catching up and even shopped a little.

Doesn't Terry look sick and tired of hanging around me all weekend?  :o)

So folks let me just say that there were gazillions of other cool people there, I just didn't get pics of them. But I do have LOTS of other fun stuff to show you. Could be tomorrow, maybe the next day. I'm not too sure. Look, market is only a couple of weeks away (mini panic attack!) - so.... yeah.

Ok....gotta go write more patterns.


Cindy said... was great to meet you and Terry at the summit. Have fun at the market in a couple of weeks!

LuLu said...

Oh Emily, you know Terry loves you. Thanks for letting me tag along with you guys over the weekend. I had such a great time!
p.s. Love that picture of you and ISLY. It really does look like she's sitting in your lap. Thanks for the chuckle ;-)

Pamela said...

Seriously, such a great weekend sewing. My weekend wouldn't be complete without meeting you!!! I'm still tired from talking the night away. So worth it.

Yvonne said...

It looks like you had a great time. Sorry we missed you when we were in Utah. Have fun in Texas!

Maxine said...

Summit soumds fun...waiting to see your jammies.......I want to try and make a pair (a pair that will fit)

Melissa said...

I had so much fun at Sewing Summit & being a complete goof ball! You are hilarious & way awesome. Let's be friends, K?

amy smart said...

Emily - you are SO funny! It was fun to FINALLY hang out some. But we definitely need to do it again soon. I'll let you get through Market and then I may start harassing you. Be warned.

rachel griffith said...

okay so i loved this post, but what i really wanna say is . . . i want a crazy old ladies shirt!!!
i gotta represent. in my hood.

Unknown said...

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Emma said...

Dear Heart full of old ladies you guys enjoy your life a lot. Always be like that. (Young Ladies) :)

Emma said...

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