Sunday, October 30, 2011


I am totally a self-proclaimed blog-stocker.
One of the cool things about Quilt Market it getting to meet all the crazy-peeps that I see everyday in blogland.

 This is me and Rachel being a little gangsta'!  :o)  It was so fun to FINALLY meet this girl in person. We hit it off right away (can you tell!?)

 Of course a little V and some Jaybird to brighten up the day. Let me tell you- it got a little (LOT) crazy with these girls in the booth!  :o)

I met up with lots more peeps, but this chick is TIRED. Time to get in bed. Tomorrow is the last day and take-down. Can't believe it's almost over already.


Anonymous said...

So fun! Your booth looks awesome. Being a Mom to three boys I am totally drawn to your use of sports and your pattern quilts looks great! can't wait to see them in person.

rachel griffith said...

to ya mutha.