Friday, October 21, 2011

The name game

I'm teasing again.

Did you know my next collection has a name? It does. And it's a good one.  :o)

Market prep this go around has been mostly on the computer. I am SUPER EXCITED about a new venture that I'm a part of and can't wait to share it with you.
As for the cutting and sewing- I have some of the most AMAZING friends who have jumped right in to help me. Really. Some are sewing. Others are quilting. Even more are Binding. One is even doing ALL 3!
I got my fabric less than a week go and I'm going to have 6 new quilts to take to market.
There is NO WAY I could've done that by myself.
And so a HUGE
to all those helping to get me ready for Houston.

In other news- have you checked out this today?
I only ask because my friend is the designer and she's having a giveway on her blog. Check it out!

Time to go do some more spray painting.  ;o)


DianeY said...

You are a tease! Can't you show us a little more-like maybe a full inch!(lol)

Emily Herrick said...

Oh Diane, don't you know I wish I could. It's hard enough for me to keep this under wraps. That's why I keep sneaking peeks. As soon as I can, you'll see it in full glory! :o)