Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hi friends!

Have you forgotten about me? I've forgotten about me.

Today I am quarantined. I had to have a small dose of radioactive-iodine as part of my treatment. I'm hoping this is the last step and that I can start getting back to normal. But for today (and probably tomorrow) I am stuck in my bedroom away from any and ALL living things.

I had high hopes of posting about the BRAND NEW PATTERNS. But all the pix are on my PC (not my camera or lappy) so you're going to have to wait another day or two. 5 New patterns! OMG- you're gonna LOVE THEM!

After I show them all, I'm going to have a contest where a lucky reader can win ALL 5....If you're clever enough. Until then, I'm going to enjoy the peace and quiet. Doesn't come around very often.



Beth said...

Hopefully this will be the last step in your treatment. Doesn't sound like you really slowed down too much.... 5 patterns! Can'tr wait to see them.

Amber said...

You are still amazing and I hope you can do all you want to real soon. I hope you feel better soon!!!

paulette said...

Hang in there!! Can't wait to see your new patterns!! Take care!

Rosa said...

Hope you feel better soon and this will be the last step in your treatment.
Warm wishes.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Haven't forgotten you. Hope your day goes fast and we get to see your new patterns soon.