Thursday, June 10, 2010



This may be 'new' news to some, 'old' news to others. In any case I'm blogging it so that makes it official. :o) Margie, the fantastic creator of such patterns as the 'Seasonal Skinnies' series, 'Happily Ever After', and of course, 'Ribbon Candy' has started her own pattern company under the name 'Ribbon Candy Quilt Company'.

This is WONDERFUL and couldn't come at a better time. The "split" (if you want to call it that) happened over a month ago but I've waited to blog about it so they could have some time to get things set up. They're still working all the kinks out, but head on over to her blog and say 'HI!'

Sometimes situations like this can be a little sticky- but I'm happy to announce that our friendship is stronger than ever! With all the issues I've had lately with my health I only thought it was fair for her to have full control over her designs, and boy does she ever. Add her to your favorites list because the fun has just begun. That woman is designing and sewing like crazy and has so many new patterns to show. If you're a fan of some of her earlier designs just wait until you see what she has up her sleeve. A little taste: 'Rough and Tumble' - the much awaited boy version to 'Happily Ever After', MORE 'Skinnies' patterns including 'Nautical Skinnies' that are SO STINKIN' CUTE!, and 'Sassafras'- you have got to see this one! She'll have pictures to show in two colorways and it's beautiful. And of course, she carries all the old favorites too: 'Fright Night', 'Christmas Sox', etc. etc. So go visit her blog to get all the info. you need on


btw- don't forget to check out her Etsy shop, too!

Oh yeah, for one more little tidbit of information and to see her quilts up close and personal- she'll be having a trunk show at the Provo COTTON SHOP store during the Wasatch Front Shop Hop June 16-19! I'm sure her quilts will be up for a while after that, too.

-You can check out some of my new designs at Pine Needles in Gardner Village during Shop Hop!

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Yvonne said...

Thanks for directing me to Ribbon Candy Quilts, love the designs! I will be checking out your new designs at the Gardner Village if they are still there in August!