Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hurry, check your stash!

You know how when a fabric comes along and you LOVE IT and you buy it and you never use it because you're afraid if you do you won't have it anymore. And finally you convince yourself to use it and you're so happy you did because you still have some leftover. So you start another project and realize YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH to finish. And since it's been sitting in your closet/drawer/shelf for over a year it is know where to be found?

Well that's happening to me with an old favorite. It's from SHANGRI-LA by Moda and it's the green/cream damask print. If you love me you'll check your stash :o) I'm such a beggar.

Even better. If you happen to have a yard of this fabric taking up room in your house and you're willing to part with it for my sake- I'll replace it with a little FQ love from sample spree from MARKET!!! :o)

Email me if you think you might have it. Sorry I don't have a pic. BTW- I need it ASAP!!!

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Moose on the Porch Quilts said...

Hey -- just google it. There's actually quite a bit out there still!
Does that mean I can buy some of your market love?!?