Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shhhh, don't tell.

I was sitting here- in isolation- trying to think of somethting to do. All of a sudden I remembered a bag that had from market that had all kind of pamphlet and catalogs in it. I decided to go through it. So I'm looking through the bag and I found this:

Ok. I TOTALLY forgot about this. And that just doesn't happen with chocolate. I bought this at the Mall of America and stuck it in my bag for later. But after a couple trips to Cheesecake Factory I wasn't in the mood for this sweet yet. So I packed it away. Another yummy treat at the airport on the way home (Ben and Jerry's waffle cone- way too much ice cream) and I never pulled the treat out.

Skip to home and all the chaos that has insued and you can understand why I forgot about this candybar. Actually, I think it was meant to be. I'm not supposed to eat chocolate right now but who can resist GODIVA!!!

Today is a good day.


Shannon said...

Wish I had remembered it! So did you eat it already? That place was heaven huh? Hope your feeling better.

Yvonne said...

Hope the taste of the chocolate made you feel better for just a little while! I know I couldn't resist it!

Lisa Marie said...

What a great find to cheer you up!
I call it GO - Diva!
Savor it slowly.