Monday, February 28, 2011

Feeling crabby

I decided to do a little applique by hand this weekend. I wanted to applique this guy but I didn't want the look of fusing. I wanted the I-did-this-by-hand look. And that's what I got.

I have a great respect for those that hand applique for many reasons. Here is a short list:

1. You can see every.single.stitch. (blech!)
2. My fingers look like raw meat even though I used a thimble (no one told me you needed one on EVERY finger!)
3. OMG I was so bored! (I just can't sit still for that long!)

There's a few more pieces of "shading" that I want to add. Not sure if I will. I like it as it is and really don't want to put my hands, fingers, and mind through anymore torture.

For those that hand applique: keep doing what you do- it's a work of art! :o)


Yvonne said...

Your Crab looks great and it will goes better once you will be getting some callosity on your fingers! (LOL)

Lynette said...

lol!! I know what you mean about the "every" finger part. I do love hand applique, but don't get time to sit and do it often enough to have "callosity" (love it, Yvonne!). I'm not a long-time "hander," either, so I don't yet have entrenched good habits. I find that the thimble annoys me, hampering my sense of touch too much for the delicate work I want to do, that I unconsciously switch fingers and use an unthimbled one! Hamburger city after every long session. (Binding gets the same result.)

I think I need to invest in some of the stick-on thimble spots?

Or maybe I just need to suck it up and force myself to work through the unsensitivity of a thimbled finger?

P.S. I love your crab!!

Amber said...

I can recommend a handy thimble! It's leather with a metal tip that slides over your finger. I love mine. Found it at Joann's in Orem. I think you did AWESOME for a first time! Keep up the good work.