Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Slow Start

Sorry, I'm getting off to a slow start this morning. I guess that's apparent since it's almost NOON here.

I have enjoyed reading all those comments. I can't believe the crazy weather all around the world. Places where it's usually cold are having unseasonably warm trends. Other places are getting pounded with snow and snow and even more SNOW. And the temperatures are insanely cold. Brrr!

I wish I had enough fabric to send to EVERYONE.

My hubs is home this morning so I asked him to scroll through all the comments and pick one. I told him to use any means that he felt since he's not too in to quilting. I figure it wouldn't be too biased. So he picked a winner.


She said: "Here in Mississippi we usually fall off of watermelon wagons but...snow 2 times!!! One time we got on the golf course and scraped enough to make a snow man if you count one body part and a head. Falling off a watermelon wagon is more fun!!!"

I asked him why he picked and he said "Man I love watermelon!" LOL I guess it's lucky for you Delta Dawn because I'm not such a big fan of watermelon (sorry).

See you tomorrow with some FUN pictures to share and maybe a recipe!

1 comment:

Yvonne said...

Your husband made a good choice of a funny comment! Congrats to Delta Dawn! MMMMmmmm always in for a tasty recipe!