Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

When I think of Valentine's Day I am reminded of one of the worst days in my college life. (And we all know that if it happens in college it's legitimate!). So, I was dating this guy whom I really liked (...I think). Anyway. On the day-before-Valentine's Day he decided to break up with me. Harsh! What made it worse is that the next day (on v-day) he brought me the most beautiful roses I have ever seen. To this day I don't think I've seen roses as beautiful. I thought he had come to his senses and was asking me back. So we left for class and he held my hand as we walked out of my apartment. *Sigh* But the moment we set foot on campus he let go of my hand and started walking further away from me as if to say "This doesn't change anything." Insert broken heart here.

You would think this has scarred me for life (It did happen in college afterall). But NO. You see, it would have except several years later ("we were on a break!") I married that guy! I know, can you believe it!?

Now, I've had many not-so-good Valentine's Day's since then too. But I choose not to remember. Because I was thinking- Valentine's Day is for KIDS. Isn't it?

My weekend has been full of fighting with my 5 year old about what to put on her FREE Krisy Kreme doughnut cards (her name only!) and convincing my boys that no one really cares about a piece of paper with a cartoon character on it- their classmates would much rather have some candy.

I'll drop my kids off at school this morning and await their suger-high return. In the meantime I'll have ME-time. I think I'll go meet the hubs for lunch even though we already celebrated on Saturday with a movie but that doesn't really count since it wasn't actually Valentine's Day. I'm also thinking of surprising the fam with heart shaped doughnuts because they're not just cute but yummy too!

And that will be my day.

Hope yours is wonderful too! :o)


onlymehere said...
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jlk said...

That is a great story!

Yvonne said...

What a great story! No memories for me since Valentine's day just 'flew in' from the English speaking countries a few years ago to the Netherlands. Not really the thing for people of my age but the younger ones will have there memories I think....