Monday, February 7, 2011


We're all friends here..right!?

A few weeks ago I was visiting a shop and picked up a bunch of yellow and grey fabrics.

I LOVE yellow and grey right now.

So I did a quick search on the web and found this:

Amy Butler. Lotus. Yellow dot. Grey background.

Can't stop thinking about it. Really wanting it for this quilt.
I found one listing on Etsy for $42 a yard. REALLY!?

So I'm putting the call out to all you friends. If you happen to have a few scraps; A fat 8th, Even a skinny 8th, ANYTHING that you would be willing to part with. I could do a trade with some goodies of mine or even some PATTERNS. As long as I don't have to pay $42 a yard! Yikes.


(p.s. picking the winner of the Fig Tree bundle tomorrow!)


Tiffany said...


You could also convo this person who made these?

And Im done :)

Tricia said...

i have a fat quarter in my stash. I'll trade ya for it, if you want :-)

Shannon said...

I have some of this somewhere in my stash. That means I have to look really hard, but I think your worth it!

Farscapegirl said...

Michael Miller has a similiar grey and yellow line... here is a link to someone on etsy that has it for $5 a yard.

Kristen said...

Amy Butler has other patterns in that yellow-gray colorway too -

Julie Earsom said...

I found a shop that sells handmade stuff mostly, but says she sells by the yard, too. She has the fabric, but I don't know how much a yard. Here's the web link:

Yvonne said...

And I was thinking that $25 a yard that we have to pay here is much! Who wants to pay $42?? Are the dots made of gold?

MaddyMazeStudio said...

There is a shop in Morgan Hill, CA that has this exact fabric. I was there today!! Its currently I think 9 something a yard and 35% off. Here is the website address. The owners name is Peggy an she is very sweet. I'm sure she'd send it right out to you.

Good luck,


Stitching It Up said...

I know you are looking for that fabric but when I first saw it I thought of the new Vintage Groove by Adornit. You should check it out. I have some at our shop. Just let me know I could trade you some patterns for some fabric.