Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ups and Downs

This thyroid thing is a pain. Just when I think I'm all regulated I have an off day. I was beginning to think I was bi-polar. But alas, it's just my body, these meds, and not having a thyroid. Oh yeah and I'm sure being sick had something to do with it too.

Yesterday I got a surprise package. Yummy goodies inside. And when I say yummy, I don't mean for the tummy. :o) sorry I can't show you....YET!

I'm going to lunch with Thankfully Sew today. I LOVE her! She always brightens my day. Except last time she got me to thinking about some stuff and I darn near had an anxiety attack the rest of the day. It wasn't really her fault (again, thank you thyroid). Wanna know where we're going? Click here.

Thanks for all the positive comments on my 'mistake'. I've been sketching and I think I've come up with a whole new design based on that variation. Sounds like some of you have too. I'd love to see when you get them sewn!

My tummy is growling- time to go! :o)


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I too have had thyroid removal surgery, do they have you on Synthroid? They had me on that for years, told my doc when I take my meds, it makes me really really tired, and if I forgot I feel more like myself up to about 5 days then I start getting tired, after 14 years, I finally found some info on other meds, and a different doc, she didnt want to put me on the one I wanted, so we tried something else, and the same thing, so then finally she said we will try Armour, Wish they would have switched me years ago, I feel more like myself on a daily basis now, and only feel tired if I forget my meds.......

Shannon said...

Wow, Cafe Rio huh? I haven't seen you for awhile. Stop in and see me tomorrow at work. Let's talk.

Yvonne said...

I hope you will find some medication that will solve your problem and makes you feel better soon and that you had a nice lunch in the Cafe Rio that brightened up your day. Have a nice weekend!