Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Building Blocks

I am excited to be working on my new "Studio". 

I'm calling it that because 'craftroom' just doesn't fit anymore.

Oh and because in this new house we moved (still moving) into the only space to put my business is in the front room. Yes, you heard me. FRONT ROOM. As in the front of the house, first room you see when you open the front door. YIKES!

 But I have a plan.

That plan included a trip to Target this morning. A stop at Lowe's on the way home. And entails a morning jaunt to IKEA tomorrow.

I've been working on a serious budget here- but I like where things are going.

The old house is mostly empty except 2 rooms: craftroom and garage. Mine and His. He said he wouldn't touch mine and there's no way in #3!! I'm touching his. :o) 

My goal is the end of the week. By the end of the week to be out of the old and into the new. House, that is.

At that point I hope to show off you YOU since I know you'll be back to see who has won the Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks vol. 4 mag.! See you soon!


Mommarock said...

Can't wait to see what you have done!!

Andrea said...

I love watching people's home transformations! Can't wait to see what your plans are :-) good luck!

Yvonne said...

Good luck with moving! It must be exhausting!

Anonymous said...

My cutting table came from IKEA and I love it! Perfect height.

Sandy said...

I am plannin a trip to IKEA to do my sewing studio as well...however, they have to build the store yet ;)

Lee Ann L. said...

I am hoping that the house we find will have room for me to call my own. Lucky you! even if it's the front room :-)

Donna Keating said...

I feel your pain. Mine is in the front of the house in what used to be considered a "formal living room." No more. Fortunately, most friends and family come in through the garage door and aren't confronted by my mess immediately. Looking forward to seeing your room transformation.

Kira said...
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Kira said...

You'd think I could spell.

Good luck. This has never been my favorite thing. Need a cake? I always need a reason to make one, and this is good enough for me. Send an address and I'll bring you one today or tomorrow.