Monday, November 21, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays

It's dreary today. Rainy and grey outside. Days like today make me NOT like the color grey so much. Good thing I have the weekend to think back on to bring a smile to my day.

Would you believe I didn't take my camera to the retreat? Of course you can. Good thing my friend Amy was there and snapped LOTS of awesome pix. I managed to get a couple pix today- but again, with the rainy day, the lighting wasn't too great. 

This is my Christmas wallhanging for this year (if I get it done). I made it for my husband since it's his favorite holiday saying. The majority of the fabrics I used for this are from Hall of Fame. I love how fun and festive the colors are together. Really, the combinations are endless with this collection.

I also managed to finish, er... work on some more...this project that I started at the Sewing Summit. I blogged a bit about it here. There was a class that I taught by Jess from Urban Patchwork on improv. piecing. LOVED that class! I'm going to work on this quilt just a little bit more and show you the completed project soon. (I hope)

Another cool thing from that class:

I won THIS book from Jess' drawing!  It came in the mail this weekend while I was at the retreat. I've thumbed through it and LOVE it. Tonight, after the kids are in bed, I have a date with this book. Cover to cover. (no, not reading word for word- but looking intently at all the pictures!) I'll tell you more about that TOMORROW!  :o)


Amber said...

Always inspiring to read and a delight to see what fun you are having! Hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving and love being in your new home!

amy smart said...

Hey! It was so fun to finally get to hang out and sew. I only wish I could have stayed for more. AND it was fun to get to see your quilts. Fabulous! (I'll be posting the pictures on Monday. Unless something crazy comes up. You never know as a mom.)

And finally, today I went to Broadbents and bought all that they had left of your Madras plaid print. After seeing your quilts again in person, resistance was futile.

Karen said...

Your improv piecing quilt is wonderful!! I bet you had fun.