Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Twete, Twete

Have you heard of:

They are a brand new company that makes NON-SLIP headbands. And when I say NON-SLIP, I mean NON-SLIP!
You know know you have a drawer full of headbands that don't work. And everytime you see one in the store you think "Oh, maybe this one will actually stay put and keep my hair back" so you buy it only to find... it doesn't work either.
I'm not a huge headband wearer. I use it to hold my hair back when I wash my face (and when I actually work out). But my daughter HATES when I comb her hair. So I started buying her headbands. Except she'll put one on and 10 minutes later it's laying on the floor because it keeps slipping.
These headbands were designed by runners who were tired of having drawers full of hair-ties that didn't work to keep their hair back while they ran. Serious runners. Marathon runners. They mean business.
So they designed this headband and I bought one.
Oh. My. Gosh.
I LOVE this headband. And guess what? My daughter wears them too. She's 5. And she doesn't even mess with it once it's in. That's because you never know it's there. Once you have it on it doesn't move and it does the job and best of all- THEY'RE CUTE! Lot's of designs to choose from. (I have the "Abby")
Ok, so it may seem like a silly little thing to promote- but I. LOVE. THIS. HEADBAND.!
If I was Oprah it would be on my favorite things show. (hmmm.... maybe I should do a favorite things post....)
I just started back into my work-out routine and my Twete Bird headband is with me everytime.
You should check it out.
I'm just sayin'! :o)

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